BlackBerry offering extended limited warranty to some Z30 owners

Are you a BlackBerry Z30 owner whose update to BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 didn't go so well? If so, you might be able to apply for an extended limited warranty from BlackBerry provided you meet the criteria. As mentioned in the BlackBerry Knowledge Base, if after updating to BlackBerry 10 OS version or, you experienced an issue wherein the screen did not power on, you can apply for an extended warranty.

To facilitate the repair, the limited warranty has been extended for all BlackBerry Z30 smartphones experiencing the issue described within the Overview section above to April 12th, 2015. To process repair for affected BlackBerry Z30 smartphones, please Email [email protected], providing the PIN number from the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone so that can be used to process this request.

Please note: conditions that will void BlackBerry's limited warranty include: signs of misuse (cracks, bite marks, tread marks, etc.), indications the device has been submerged in liquid, opening of the device by non-authorized service providers, exposure to extreme heat and purposeful removal of device identifying serial numbers.

This course of action is a change from what was previously noted wherein customers out of warranty had no way to officially replace their device for free due to no fault of their own, so it's great to see BlackBerry put this change into effect. If you suffered from this issue, be sure to read the full Knowledge Base article here and reach out to BlackBerry to see if you qualify for the extended limited warranty.

Thanks, Joey!