For years now plenty of folks, including myself, have been saying that BlackBerry should return to selling devices online direct to customers. I say return because there once was a time when you could pick up most GSM BlackBerry smartphones on the BlackBerry website if you dug through some links. In the end, they were eventually removed but now if you're looking for a Z10 or a Q10, BlackBerry will sell you one.

We're not sure exactly when the devices went live on the site but if you order one, you're getting a fully unlocked GSM factory device with the Z10 priced at $449.00 and the Q10 setting you back $549.00. That pricing is still up there for some folks (In other words, it's no fire sale as some have been predicting) but it's a nicer way to pick up a BlackBerry 10 device, especially if you're wanting a white Q10 with T-Mobile support.

One caveat though.. It appears they'll only ship within the U.S.

Learn more via the BlackBerry site

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