BlackBerry Net Subscriber Additions for Q4 Higher than Projected

According to RIM, net subscriber account additions for Q4 will be up 15 to 20% from the projected 1.82 million forecast released in December. They are attributing this to hot holiday sales.

RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie Commented:

"BlackBerry smartphones proved to be a big hit throughout the holiday selling season and we're pleased to see RIM's business momentum continuing in the new year. The seasonal slowdown in net subscriber account additions that we expected in the new year did not occur and our focused execution with partners has continued to produce strong results within both enterprise and consumer segments."

No doubt, as a result of this news RIM shares were up almost 10% ($9.64) at $108.68 this morning. Now that's a huge jump!

RIM will report its Q4 financial results including the actual net subscriber account additions on April 2nd.

[via Canadian Press]