Native SDK

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The BlackBerry Native SDK 2.0 for the BlackBerry PlayBook has finally made its way out of beta and is now officially available for developers. The latest version includes new APIs as well as new wizards. The Device Information API allows developers to use data on battery, phone, storage and more to alert users on resources. While the LED service API will allow notifications in applications. Developers can also take advantage of the BlackBerry PlayBook's stereo sound with the Soundplayer API.

New additions include:

  • The streamlined deployment setup wizard, which makes it easier for developers to set up their development environment and troubleshoot issues. The wizard also leverages automatic device detection to help set up targets
  • The Add Library Dependency wizard simplifies the process of adding library dependencies to a project
  • The New Example wizard provides access to more example projects

The Native SDK now allows developers to target multiple device versions from one instance of the IDE and they can also filter files out of the BAR package to exclude unnecessary assets. It also includes the Scoreloop SDK, which provides ways for developers to integrat social capabilities and gamification into their PlayBook applications. More info cab be found at the BlackBerry Developer Blog.

More information/download of Native SDK 2.0

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