BlackBerry Navigator now available in BlackBerry Beta Zone

There are a few Sat Nav apps already available for BlackBerry smartphones, and in the U.S. and Canada there is the BlackBerry Traffic app that includes voice guidance as well. Now, it seems that there is actually a BlackBerry made Sat Nav app called BlackBerry Navigator, powered by TomTom.

It is currently available in BlackBerry Beta Zone, though it looks like it is just for U.K. folks at the moment.

The BlackBerry Navigator app features are:

Navigation & Traffic

  • Real-time turn-by-turn spoken directions to destination
  • Automatic re-routing if a turn is missed.
  • Preview route steps and upcoming turns.
  • Trip summary and overview map with entire trip highlighted.
  • 3D map view simulates what the user should expect to see ahead.
  • Spoken directions include both maneuvers and actual street name pronunciations so that users can focus on the road and not the screen for a safer driving experience. 

Local Search

  • Local Search - provides information for nearby hotels and restaurants as well as other POIs, such as businesses, attractions, and events. Narrow the search by choosing sub-categories.
  • One-touch calling feature - dials the place's phone number for the subscriber.
  • Save directory results to the address book for future use.
  • Home screen shortcuts - Easily create home screen shortcuts for "click to go" to frequent or important destinations. 


  • 7 digits postcode support
  • BBM Integration - Send location enabled messages to your BBM contacts.
  • Facebook - Keep your friends and family updated by posting your location or favorite cafe to Facebook.
  • Contacts App Integration - Get directions to a contact right from your device's contacts.
  • Day/Night Mode - Automatic Day and Night Mode.

It's only available for BlackBerry 7 devices right now. If you're in the U.K. you should see it in your BlackBerry Beta Zone account. Be sure to select the correct device when downloading. We're not sure when it should be available elsewhere keep an eye on your account. If you haven't got a Beta Zone account yet, signing up is easy, all you need is your BlackBerry ID details.

Download BlackBerry Navigator from BlackBerry Beta Zone
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