BlackBerry Music

The news of RIM working on a "BlackBerry Music" application isn't exactly new -- we've heard the rumors in the past but new information is suggesting that RIM has come to agreements with major music labels for the new service and development is going as planned. According to CNET:

RIM has signed a deal with at least one of the top-four record companies and is close to signing at least two others, the sources said, adding that a test version of the service could be rolled out within the next few weeks.

Other then that, solid details have been rather slim. The new service, when rolled out -- is said to be BBM connected and set for subscription based pricing that will cost users $4.99 once out of beta. The information is rather interesting especially when you take into account that right now, all BlackBerry 7 devices rolling out have a "Music Store" icon loaded but that store is powered by Amazon MP3. We're reluctant to say expect a beta within the next few weeks though, reason being -- We've heard RIM themselves have only been testing it internally for a short period if time.

Source: CNET