MVS 5.0 

Back at WES we posted about the revamped MVS which incorporated Wi-Fi calling, and today it is now available. For those who don't know what it is, there is a demo video showing you what MVS 5.0 is all about.

You've probably seen all this new marketing on subways, buses and TV spots pushing BlackBerry Messenger hard, reason BBM is exclusive to BlackBerry - there's no app for that anywhere else. Well in the business space they are going to do a full-court-press with MVS, RIM believes it can be a game changer. For consumers BBM for some reason is virtually impossible to disconnect from, I even did a post on that fact and 60% voted that BBM is where it's at.  That's what they want MVS to be in the business world.

Business customers who deploy MVS will be lifelong BlackBerry customers. The way MVS hooks into the corporate phone system and the level of controls you have over the use will make every IT guy smile. The end users will find MVS invaluable as well because it offers you the dream of one voicemail box. MVS brings a whole host of features like 4-digit dialling.

The killer app in MVS 5.0 is Wi-Fi calling. Imagine you're in your hotel in Kuala Lumpur attached to Wi-Fi and you're making calls back to colleagues and customers without grotesque roaming charges. Now the accounting people are happy. In the corporate space that's the trifecta - IT, end users & accounting all happy at the same time.

The new MVS 5.0 brings new pricing along with the new features. RIM is trying to have small businesses embrace this product by offering MVS 5.0 for a reasonable price of $180.00 per CAL. Provided your phone system is compatible with MVS you can be up and running in almost no time.

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