BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing screenshots

The BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing app from RIM has seen a small update to version 3.0 today. It still has all of the standard stuff, like pulling bridge numbers and access codes from meeting requests so you can join in one click when the calendar reminder pops up. New in this version is the ability to share the app through a bunch of different channels, including BBM, e-mail, and various social networks. The app also comes with help videos, so users can figure out what they're doing wrong without being too late for their conference call. You can access both of those through the dedicated icon. As always, if you lose coverage mid-call, the app provides you with a pop-up to reconnect. The app also adds a ton of options in the native calendar app for setting up conference call meetings, including moderator passcodes. 

While BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing certainly isn't flashy, it's definitely useful for people who deal with conference calls regularly. Take a look at the demo video after the jump for a full tour, and be sure to check out our review for the deep dive. To get started with the update, hit up the App World link below; unfortunately, the latest version is currently only available in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K., but I'm sure other regions of the world will get access soon enough.

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