BlackBerry Mini KeyboardBlackBerry Mini Keyboard

That elusive BlackBerry Mini Keyboard case for the BlackBerry PlayBook may not be so elusive much longer. BerryReview has posted a bunch of leaked slides that show off this awesome keyboard/case combo that looks to be available in the coming weeks. We're assuming it will most likely be timed with the launch of PlayBook OS 2.0 but don't have a definite date just yet. Kevin played around with one a bit a few months back, but the case has been back in hiding until now.

The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard with Convertible Case will feature a keyboard and trackpad combo that will let you control your BlackBerry PlayBook, all tucked in a leather convertible case. The unit will allow you to easily type and navigate on your PlayBook when you're on the go and the battery is said to last for up to 30 days on a charge. Here's to hoping we see this one very soon (and the price is right!). Check out Kevin's original hands-on then hit the source link for more slides.

Source: BerryReview