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BlackBerry Messenger

If you're already a member of the BlackBerry Beta Zone then you'll likely want to sign in to see if you have BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 as an available download option. You will of course need to sign up and agree to the terms of use but in return you get a fresh, new release of BlackBerry Messenger. v6.0.0.73 if you need the exact details. This time around, RIM has also included a change log for us all to make use of so, check it out below:

You may not notice very many visible changes between BBM 5.0 and BBM 6.0 at this time, but stay tuned! For now, here are a few new things you might notice in this version:

  • Updated BBM branding
  • More "snappy" and responsive feel
  • Visual distinction of message drafts vs. sent messages
  • Any alerts set for SMS contacts are now preserved in BBM once an SMS contact is integrated with BBM
  • Invite a Text Messaging Contact -- it's now easier to search contacts
  • Location Search -- you can now search for a location before sending, similar to the Location Search experience via SMS
  • Location Sending -- you can now detect your location with cell tower triangulation or GPS
  • Appointment Sending -- sending appointment or calendar events is now a similar experience to that of sending an appointment via SMS

Again, no visual changes really but we'll take it. Also, although it's not noted in the change log -- we'd be surprised if there wasn't some stuff built in there for the PlayBook as well but that of course is just speculation.

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