BlackBerry Messenger Prompting to be Updated?

* Update: OK... We're starting to get word from people in the know that RIM has updated the BBM servers to the newest version of BBM. It's likely this prompt some of us have seen was not intended/supposed to happen (just yet). So that *should* mean things are basically ready to go... RIM just has to decide to pull the trigger and the new BBM update will be pushed out. We're not sure when that will be exactly, but hopefully soon! Stay tuned... *

How's this for some Friday afternoon weirdness? I go to click on BlackBerry Messenger from the homescreen and look what pops up! I grabbed a screen cap immediately, but from there the prompt went away and hasn't come back yet for me to click on a link. Following up with Bla1ze and Adam though, both each got the same upgrade prompt but the link when clicked takes them to download the existing version of BlackBerry Messenger. 

So what's going on here?! Is RIM getting ready to push out an update to the BlackBerry Messenger or are we facing some gremlins in the system. Have you experienced this yourself yet? Sound off in the comments... and cross your fingers that NEW BBM (2.0 or 2.5 or whatever it's going to be called.. it's not called BBM 5.0) gets released soon.

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