BlackBerry Messenger Stress Test Video

That's it. I'm done with BlackBerry Messenger stress tests. Well, at least I'm done with them for a little while. Maybe I'll give it another go once we have a new device rocking BlackBerry 6 and a 1GB of memory (Storm3 perhaps?!). While the Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9650 we conducted this BBM stress test on did run a LOT smoother throughout the process than the Bold 9000 we did our original stress test on, at the end of the day the flood of thousands of contact requests, maxed out BBM contact list and hundreds of open chats seemed to be just a little more than the 9650 and the BlackBerry Operating System could handle. 

Below you'll find the video highlight reel of the BlackBerry Messenger madness. I chopped it down to 10 minutes from about 90 minutes of recorded footage (apologies for some of the blurry bits - learning to use a new camera and apparently don't know how yet). You'll see how I approved two thousand contacts, the device bricked and then how I persevered to max out the contact list yet again and tested out a broadcast message (didn't go so well) and contact list backup. It was fun and stressful all at once.

End of the day, if you have thousands of people you need to communicate with, I'd stick with Twitter as the medium. Keep BBM to the people you know and need to / want to communicate with in that special way that only BlackBerry Messenger can deliver.

BlackBerry Messenger Stress Test 2 Video Highlights

be sure to choose the option to watch in 720p HD!

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