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It looks like the wait may finally be over. BGR is reporting that RIM may finally be making it's BlackBerry Messenger service (BBM) available to both Android and iOS devices. This is a huge step (be it good or bad) for RIM that will leave non-BlackBerry users rejoicing. Sources state that the service may require a one-time or recurring fee and will be a stripped down version of what BlackBerry users know and love. Other platform devices may not be able to send files, images or location information. With plenty of other cross-platform messengers like Kik floating around, BBM is the obvious choice for a unviersal messenger. Back in November we asked if you thought BBM on other platforms was a good idea. Over 23,000 voted and 56% said they thought it would be a good thing, while only 38% said the contrary. The Android version is said to launch before the years end, but not much other information is known for now. You can be sure we'll see what we can find out.

Source: BGR