Back when Research In Motion announced their BBM Social Platform most folks were wondering what, exactly that meant for BlackBerry Messenger and how we use it today. At the time of the announcement, it never really meant much at all. But now that we have the BlackBerry PlayBook on the way and a new 6.1 OS some of the intended uses for the BBM Social Platform are coming to light. That is, if you want to play to the rumor mill. Below is a list of features said to be a part of BlackBerry Messenger 6.0:

  • The ability to play games and use your BBM user name as your gamer name
  • Cross chats between users over BBM (and it looks like you and the other parties playing don’t have to be on each other friends list)
  • Also, when we complete tasks on these new games our status will change to show what task we completed (sounds like its similar to the “show what i am listening to tab” and will probably have an option to share with your BBM contacts or hide it from your contacts)
  • It also seems like on BBM6, BBM groups will be able to handle more members
  • The new BBM6 will be supported on all devices running OS 5+ (at least for now)
  • Looks like a mobile game developer company by the name of “Gamemachi” is working on game(s) for this new BBM6 platform.
Sounds pretty awesome right? We're not going to heavily invest a lot of thought into these rumors as of yet since there is not much else to really go on. But, we do know RIM has the BBM Social Platform arriving. We do know some of the stuff mentioned herein is part of what they were hoping to achieve with the BBM Social Platform. Aside from that, we're not so sure all of which you listed above is based on things that are really going to happen or if they just based on things that some folks would like to see happen. Needless to say if some of it doesn't pan out, don't be to upset.

Source: PocketBerry
Via: KomBB

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