For those of you excited to hear more about the BlackBerry 'Mercury' as it has thus far been called, we now have some further official confirmation the QWERTY BlackBerry will be fully unveiled at Mobile World Congress in late February as teased by the new BlackBerry Mobile Twitter account.

Despite going hands-on with the device, the official specs nor even a go-to-market name for the 'Mercury' have been revealed officially, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens in the time between now, and the Feb. 25 date noted in the teaser.

Considering the number of teasers that appeared ahead of CES 2017, here's to hoping we get a few more before Mobile World Congress. Haven't checked out our hands-on? Get to it. Need more? Check out MrMobile's hands-on video from CES 2017 as well, right here!

BlackBerry 'Mercury' hands-on: Riding into 2017 on a phone with no name