BlackBerry 'Mercury' could make its way to Verizon

While TCL has already committed to telling us more about their BlackBerry plans at CES 2017, that certainly has not stopped the bits and pieces about the BlackBerry 'Mercury' from popping up unofficially. The latest comes by way of Roland Quandt, some of which has been floated about before, but some of which is certainly new information, such as a possible launch of the device on Verizon.

In a stream of Tweets, Quandt notes the list of model variations for the 'Mercury' as well as claiming the device will come with a Snapdragon 625, a rumor floated about for a while now, but one he feels confident enough in confirming.

Additionally, Quandt notes the device is being built by TCL, with the design itself coming from BlackBerry, a piece of info most folks reading this have already concluded but shouldn't be left out. Now, while I don't know the source of Quandt's information, I do suggest a little bit of caution here in getting attached to the hopes of the device arriving on Verizon. BlackBerry has a habit of adding config files for a lot of carriers to their OS, even ones they have no intent on launching with, and if that's where the info is coming from, it might not be so cut and dry. Still, interesting to see ahead of CES 2017 that's for sure!

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