BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 Released Adding New Synchronization Features And Options!

A new version of BlackBerry Media Sync will be available for users to download at Noon EST today. Since the intial release of BlackBerry Media Sync a lot of users have been waiting for RIM to make the application more user friendly and add features to it. That time has come as the newly released version 3.0 brings some great new features if getting media on your BlackBerry is a big concern. Check out the new features:

PC to BlackBerry sync:

  • 2 way synchronization, Add folders for syncing with option to optimize pictures for device
  • Smart memory management: optimizes photo size, allowing for storage of more pictures on device

BlackBerry to PC Import:

  • Media Sync alerts users when new pictures are available to import when device is connected to PC (via pop-up on the pictures tab)
Highlights of Music sync with BlackBerry Media Sync:
  • Sync Options include specific playlists or random music
  • iTunes® & Windows Media Player® compatible
  • Supports all media capable BlackBerry smartphones

BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 just feels better then previous version, which would often times produce some errors. Plus, with the addition of support for 2 way sync and inclusion of folder options BlackBerry Media Sync 3.0 makes it easier then ever to maintain music and photos on your device and PC (Mac version I believe lacks photo sync) all from within one application. Give it a shot and check out the improvements, let us know in the comments how ya feel about it. Head over to the link below after Noon EST today to download.