BlackBerry Master Control Program Updated!

We've covered this amazing application before here on the CrackBerry blogs. So when I realized there was a fresh new update out for it I felt compelled to inform you all about it as this update brings a lot of nice changes with it. My favorite being the fact that it now plays nice with Windows 7 Beta, lol..funny a beta that plays nice with a beta, sweet! Check out the changes below and be sure to check out the new site the developers have set up for the application, which is much more organized with all of the relative information nicely packaged up for everyone's viewing and learning pleasure. Please remeber this is a powerful application with lots of advanced options, so when in doubt on something be sure to hit up the CrackBerry forums and ask for some assistance.

Changes implemented in BETA 6

  • MCP now complies with Windows Vista/7 User Account Control (UAC)
  • MCP has a new icon - Thanks AntiShane!
  • Pin/password area updated, more responsive
  • Added Inverse/All/None buttons for Java Loader Save/Erase
  • Added "Secure Mode" - doesn’t save device password to INI, off by default
  • Added logging and verbose logging
  • Screen capture size selector updated, eg: 95xx Storm Widescreen (480×360)
  • Operating System Management (OSM) page updates
  • Navigation pane (left side) updated, much cleaner
  • Removed "One instance" - you can now run multiple instance of MCP
  • Completely revamped the OS installation process - no more waiting!
  • Screen capture lower controls "dock" to the bottom of the screen

Grab The BlackBerry Master Control Program From MCPFX >>