I totally forgot that BlackBerry Maps for BB10 wasn't a global thing yet. But good news for you folk in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe as it looks like you can now take advantage of the native application - which for navigation does a sweet job if you ask me.

Thanks to forum member JPVJ, he can confirm that Denmark, Sweden and Norway are now live and I'm hoping that there are more out there we don't yet know about. It's kind of odd that Maps wasn't available to everyone at launch bearing in mind that BlackBerry teamed up with TomTom for the partnership. Anyway, it looks like they are getting things up and running now so hopefully everyone can soon enjoy the app. There are a few alternatives available, but for basic navigation I always use BlackBerry Maps for its simplicity.

So grab your BlackBerry 10 smartphone - fire up BlackBerry Maps and if you didn't have your country available please let us know in the comments if it now works?