Remember when we did up our top 5 BlackBerry leaks that were never released? On that list was a device called the BlackBerry Magnum, it was essentially a mix of the Bold 9000 and a BlackBerry Storm. It had a SurePress screen that clicked, full QWERTY keyboard, and no trackpad. As we now know, that device was never released and arguably evolved into the Bold 9900 but it seems apparent, thanks to some new images, that BlackBerry kept testing and evolving that device as well.

Judging from the images, it looks like BlackBerry scrapped the 9000 design and in this case built out a Bold 9900 version of the Magnum with a bit of BlackBerry Q10 flavor by removing the tool belt for testing purposes. In any case, it's cool to look at and cool to think of the life this device has had. However, I wouldn't go expecting it to land on shelves anytime soon.

It looks to be running BBOS and is almost certainly what is one of the likely many unseen prototypes from earlier days at BlackBerry. I suppose you could say this is what Q10 evolved from? Sure looks that way.