BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8200 Made Simple!

BlackBerry Made Simple has just published the newest book in their easy-to-read BlackBerry guide book series....

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8200 Made Simple focuses on the new Pearl Flip and includes material relevant for all 82xx Series BlackBerry handhelds (even though only the 8220 has been released thus far). You can purchase the printed soft cover book from for $18.99 (350 pages) or the electronic - PDF version from BlackBerry Made Simple.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Dozens of hidden or little-known time-saving tips and tricks.
  • Synchronizing your BlackBerry with your Windows or Mac computer.
  • How to squeeze every ounce of power from the Address Book, Calendar, Tasks and MemoPad.
  • How to become "Master of Your BlackBerry Email"
  • Support for both BlackBerry Internet Service and Corporate BlackBerry Enterprise Server users.
  • Tips and tricks to unlock the rich Media Features of the BlackBerry Pearl.
  • How turn your Pearl Flip into something that could replace a video and audio "iPod"
  • How to setup the WiFi features of your Pearl Flip
  • Learn how to go Online as well as update your Facebook and Myspace pages - right from your BlackBerry

Co-authors Martin Trautschold Gary Mazo are also busy working on the BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Storm & BlackBerry Curve 8900 Series books and videos and hope to have them ready shortly.

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