U2 Mobile Album

Back in March we first heard that BlackBerry would be sponsoring U2's Tour (no, not that Tour) that kicked off in Barcelona on June 30th. Well there was no sign of a RIM back at the opening gig, but it does look like the U2 Mobile Album is on the way. A teaser on BlackBerry.com gives a quick run through of what looks to be a "U2 App" with music, photos, tour info and more. No big details on any of it, but certainly good things are to come...at least if you're a U2 fan. You can sign up here to receive updates on the Mobile Album. Head over to http://na.blackberry.com/eng/u2/ for more info. Hat Tip to Matt for jogging our brains to post on this... we saw the site went live yesterday but somehow forgot to post on it (distracted by that other Tour perhaps).

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