If you are a current or soon to be BlackBerry Developer then you are sure to be happy over the recent announcement concerning code signing keys. Due to various issues, including password problems, delays with receiving keys via email, or backing them up when switching computers, they have made the decision to replace signing keys with a BlackBerry ID account to authorize and verify applications. 

All that is required is logging into BlackBerry ID and downloading the BlackBerry ID token. However, this token does expire after one year but is renewable as long as you utilize the same ID. This simplified signing method is incorporated in the BlackBerry SDK, BlackBerry AIR SDK and Android tools, with WebWorks SDK support due in a future release.

For Existing BlackBerry Code Signing Key Holders

Your currently installed BlackBerry code signing keys will continue to function, but I recommend linking them to a BlackBerry ID account right away to take advantage of all the benefits outlined above.  In order to do so, log into BlackBerry ID to create a BlackBerry ID token, which is where you choose the password you’ll use when signing applications. Once you have the BlackBerry ID token, run the following command to link your currently installed BlackBerry code signing keys to your BlackBerry ID account:

blackberry-signer -linkcsk –bbidtoken <BBID Token CSK filename>
-oldcskpass <Legacy CSK password> –bbidcskpass <BBID Token CSK password>

Developers, what is your take on this news? Do you think it ameliorates many of the issues you've been experiencing with your signing keys? Sound off in the comments below.

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