Still having issues with BlackBerry Link working properly on Windows or Mac? You're not alone, I assure you. That said though, new versions of BlackBerry Link have made their way to the BlackBerry downloads page so I suppose now is a good a time as any to test them out and see how they run compared to previous releases.

You'll find the Windows app sitting at v1.2.2.13 while the Mac app has now risen to v1.2.0.17. We're not sure as to what all has changed as of yet but if you get them downloaded and up and running then give us a shout in the comments if you spot anything new. One thing that is known though is that on the Mac version at least, it's sporting a fancy new UI.

We suggest downloading them directly because it might take a while for them to show up under the auto updates.

Download the latest BlackBerry Link for Windows and Mac