Call me old fashioned, but when it comes to cases I still prefer a holster. It may not always be the popular choice nor the one that offers heavy duty protection, but it allows for quick access while on-the go. This simple holster lets me carry my device either by throwing it my bag, placing it on my belt, or even clutching it while in the store all while offering a durable way to keep my Classic safe from everyday wear and tear. Protection and accessibility are more important to me than style. However, the leather pouch style is pretty sleek.

As we have seen with these swivel holsters in the past, the case is made from genuine leather stitched on the sides with a soft, microsuede lining to keep your device safe from scratches. It also has that one stitch of red in the upper right for some flare. On the front of the case is a strong magnet to ensure your device stays secure and the BlackBerry logo embedded into the material.

Over the years, I accumulated quite a collection of cases. One of the reasons why this holster is my go-to is how perfectly my device fits in it. The Classic stays in there snug enough without having to worry it will be loose and fall out. The leather is textured which offers a solid grip and feel to the case so that it does not slide out of your hands while in use. This is one of those cases where you hold it, and it just feels right.

When nestled securely within the case and clasped with the magnet, users may plug in their headset and adjust the volume on the device when listening to media. Finally, the leather swivel holster offers built-in power saving technology to extend the life of your battery and a belt clip that rotates 360 degrees.

The Good

  • Snug fit and sturdy design
  • Conserves battery power with built-in sensor
  • Slim design without being bulky
  • Durable belt clip and spring

The Bad

  • Cannot charge while in the case
  • Case can be too snug in the beginning and has a tendency to press the keyboard when removing
The bottom line

While those of us, who still use holsters, may be caught in a time warp, it frees up your pockets and gives solid protection when in your bag, and the clip provides a secure hold while on your belt no matter what the angle. The BlackBerry Leather Holster is the perfect case to safeguard your device from the daily bumps and falls of daily use especially the camera, keyboard, and display.

You can buy this from ShopCrackBerry for $34.95.

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