BlackBerry Leap pricing set at $349 in Canada

While BlackBerry has opened the doors to pre-orders for the BlackBerry Leap in the US, UK, Germany and France, they interestingly left pre-orders for Canada off the list and opted to just simply state the device was 'coming soon'. Since then, ShopBlackBerry has been updated slightly to show the pricing for the BlackBerry Leap in Canada which is set at $349, thanks to the exchange rate.

Although the device shows in stock on some portions of the site, the actual product listing page still remains at coming soon, so going out on a limb here and considering the reasons why they would hold up on pre-orders in Canada, I can only think of two reasons for it. Either Canadians will be among the first to actually have the device shipped to them, skipping the whole pre-order phase and just having immediate availability or the Candian release will be somewhere between or after all the other pre-orders.

Either way, the BlackBerry Leap is coming. If you're looking for more info about the device then check out the official announcement, specs and gallery. You can also place your pre-order through ShopBlackBerry if you live in the US, UK, Germany and France and stay tuned for our full review, which is coming soon as well!

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