BlackBerry Leap arrives in the Netherlands via Belsimpel and Cool Blue

While the BlackBerry Leap has been ceremoniously arriving in some regions, there are other regions where the device has quietly appeared as well. One such region is the Netherlands. While there have been no official announcements from BlackBerry as of yet, the device is now readily available through several retailers including Belsimpel and Cool Blue with a purchase price set at €299.00 for both retailers. Cool Blue even has a video walk-through if you want to check it out or you can head over to our very own CrackBerry review of the Leap to get a closer look.

Thanks to all who sent this in!

PS: India, you're up in a few days. All the articles saying the Leap was launched there are because there was a small event hosted where BlackBerry gave demos, shared the real launch date and announced some further EBSL information, hence the May 7th date but the 'official' launch will be in a few days.