Here in the UK we got to see the premiere of RIM's new TV advertising campaign at prime time on Saturday night. Judging by the responses on Twitter, viewers had a mixed reaction, however I'm personally impressed that RIM is trying something a little different.

They today released the following press release regarding the campaign:

This Saturday (12th May 2012) saw BlackBerry launch its brand new TV advertising campaign during the final of the nation's most popular entertainment show. The ad had its inaugural airing during a break in ITV 1 show Britain's Got Talent as part of a multi-million pound global campaign to celebrate people of action and highlight the strengths of BlackBerry's latest smartphones and tablets.

The engaging advertising campaign sees a series of simple images, paired in such a way as to showcase the juxtaposition between active and inactive choices. Based on the key insight that BlackBerry users are people of action and that BlackBerry devices facilitate action, the fun and quirky scenes include a pair of slippers versus a pair of ballet shoes, a cookery book versus a take-away and a group of friends on a sofa versus a group on an amusement park ride. Real-life actors, cartoon imagery and computer graphics have been incorporated into the advert which culminates with the imposing statements; "There are people who don't. And there are people who do," followed by the thought-provoking question, "Do you?"

Directed by Kevin Thomas, who can attribute commercials for Mini Cooper, American Express and Adidas to his credit, the first 40 second ad will also be followed by two 30 second versions in addition to a 60 second cinema edit to go live nationwide from the beginning of June.

Sarah Probert, Senior Director of Brand Marketing and Communication at RIM comments: "We are excited about the launch of our new BlackBerry campaign and are looking forward to consumers engaging with the content from this weekend. Our intention with this advert and our campaign as a whole is to celebrate the idea of choice. We all make choices every day and BlackBerry is there to help the consumer make those decisions and achieve their goals".

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