BlackBerry Launcher update allows you to set a default home screen and remove apps with a flick

As expected, more of the BlackBerry Priv preloaded apps have been updated and, this time around, it's the BlackBerry Launcher. With this update, Priv owners will now have the ability for apps to be separated into Recent, Personal, and Work plus, you can set a default home screen of your choosing. If that's not enough, pop-up widgets now enabled by default and apps installed on the SD card and more. Have a look at the full list.

What's New

  • Default view for apps now separated into Recent, Personal, and Work.
  • While in overview mode, the "home" panel can be set to any available panel, and panels can be deleted by pressing down on them for several seconds.
  • Can now flick to remove application shortcuts from the home screen.
  • Pop-up widgets now enabled by default.
  • Improved overlays to provide users with more information on app locations, launcher settings, pop-up widgets, and the productivity tab.
  • Apps installed on the SD card will be grayed out if the card is removed to let the user know it's still around but inaccessible.

The update is live right now on the Google Play Store, so be sure to get it downloaded and check it out. As always, if you spot anything else that has changed that wasn't noted, let us know in the comments. Next up, should be that March security update soon.