Android Notification

While the BlackBerry KEY2 brought the ability to customize the currency key to view notifications with a quick button press, the latest BlackBerry Launcher update now rolling out through the Google Play Store introduces another way to quickly view your notifications.

In the new Launcher, you can now swipe down anywhere there is a blank spot on your homescreen and your notification tray will appear, allowing you to take action on any of them as you see fit. It's a small change and not entirely different than what's already built into Android, but one I can certainly appreciate given many other Launchers offer the option and you no longer need to reach all the way to the top of your device to swipe down.

Plus, if you're a KEY2 owner who didn't want to customize your currency key, this allows you to keep it on currency and still have quick access to your notifications. Well, provided you're using the BlackBerry Launcher. Now if only we could swipe into Hub as easily without jumping through hoops.

Download BlackBerry Launcher from the Google Play Store