Fresh builds of the BlackBerry Launcher and Power Center have now started rolling out through the Google Play store, and while there are no huge changes noted, minor enhancements and stability fixes are covered this time around.

BlackBerry Launcher

  • Minor enhancements and stability fixes

BlackBerry Power Center

  • Receive a prompt to restrict a process from running in the background when you Force Stop an application in the Memory usage view
  • Minor enhancements and stability fixes

For those of you out there who monitor your apps closely, the Power Center prompt when force stopping apps now ask if you want to stop the app, or stop it and prevent it from reopening. Good for tracking down those apps you never want running on your device, but you'll still want to be mindful of what you're shutting down as shutting down some apps and processes can have unintended consequences such as causing other portions of the OS not to work. You'll want to wield the power carefully. Both apps are live right now on the Google Play Store.