With all eyes being on the BlackBerry Passport recently it's been a while since we've featured a BlackBerry 10 concept. Jumping into our dedicated forums section I found the above images that have put together by AndrewZhilin and although he has done some great design work I'm not so sure I can see BlackBerry making this one.

Although I kind of like the look of the BlackBerry L concept I think it's pretty safe to say we won't be getting our hands on a device like this anytime soon. Although BlackBerry have been down the 'slider' route before with the BlackBerry Torch they've not yet gone for this 'twist' design. Others have though in the past if my memory serves me right. I think both Nokia and Motorola had similar design ideas some years ago with limited success.

I'm not a gambling man but if I was to put my money on BlackBerry introducing some mechanics once again to their BlackBerry 10 designs I would put my money on another slider rather than one like this. Either way, it's great to see some new ideas so many thanks for the contribution Andrew.

Let us know what you think of this one in the comments or discuss in the forums?

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