The smartphone space is a fierce battleground these days, so companies have to do what they can do make sure they're hitting as many segments of the market as possible. It's not surprising then to see that Resarch in Motion is now targeting the ten years and younger demographic. Like seriously, I would have loved to have owned a BlackBerry when I was seven. I sooo could have cheated on spelling bees over BBM.

Just kidding. RIM's not targeting the little tikes just yet (at least as far as we know), but if they plan to we think we may have found the perfect spokesperson spokeskid for them to use! We needed some cilps this past weekend to put together the short promo video for the I LOVE MY CRACKBERRY contest, so our resident editor Adam Zeis pulled his son Tyler away from the cartoons Saturday morning and put him to work. A pretty cruel thing to make a seven year old do, but Tyler showed he's got some skillz. SurePress is the Greatest thing ever! Good job Tyler. Thanks for helping us out!

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