We have seen restroom pictures and marketing phamplet pictures and now the Boy Genius has posted yet another shot of the BlackBerry KickStart clamshell... this one shows the KickStart smartphone in Black and looking pretty "final form". It looks like the BlackBery Bold's guitar fret inspired separators have made it onto the SureType keyboard (looks sweet - I hope RIM gives the employee who thought up that concept a raise!).

I wonder how long it will be before we see this officially get announced? I wonder if it will actually hit the market under the BlackBerry KickStart name?!

Next we need to see some shots of the KickStart adjacent other BlackBerry devices (the Pearl especially) and other clamshells currently available on the market. It's difficult to tell how this will actually feel in-hand when looking at photos. I have a feeling it's going to feel pretty darn good though.

The BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry KickStart, touch screen BlackBerrys... this CrackBerry Addict is Jonesing!! (click the image for a larger view) 


BlackBerry KickStart in Black