CrackBerry Kevin brought in the BlackBerry KEYone heat to Miami last Friday, and it was a blast! We held the meetup at The Anderson. Great ambiance, artfully crafted cocktails, and the venue packed with BlackBerry fans from all over Florida. Early in the evening, the energy was high and everyone in good spirits. As I worked the floor taking in everyone's perspectives it was incredible to see how diverse the meetup group was, so many prosumers from different walks of life; doctors, realtors, project managers, it was an eclectic group, and we were thrilled to have them all as our guests.

The BlackBerry KEYone was impressive as well and held up throughout the festivities. With the screens almost always on, and plenty of apps running in the background there were no performance hiccups and the battery life held up into the early morning. We never had to worry about having to plug up the phones to give them more juice. Everyone was delighted by the keyboard, the thoughtful tweaks to the Android Nougat operating system and just how great the devices feel in hand.

There were lots of BlackBerry 10 users at the meetup coming to the consensus that the BlackBerry KEYone will be their next phone. Even several users who were still using 2015's PRIV are now SO ready to jump ahead with the KEYone when it becomes available. If you were at the event or want to get a better feel for the vibe check out the pictures and videos within this post. These nights are so special for our community, and we appreciate every single one of you who came out and shared the experience with us!

Tomorrow night at 6 PM we're taking over Up&Down NYC for another crazy awesome meetup we've got over 200 people RSVP'd, so if you're in the area you must attend!