The newly released BlackBerry KEYone is making its way into eager hands in the UK and already we've seen a ton of great feedback in the CrackBerry forums. Both new and veteran BlackBerry users are weighing in on what makes the KEYone awesome, as well as what they'd like to see changed.

The fun part about the KEYone is that a lot of users will be switching over from a lot of different devices. There will be BlackBerry users upgrading from the Priv, Passport and Classic (among others), Android users switching over from any number of devices, and even die-hard iPhone users making the jump. It will be interesting to see what people think as the KEYone hits more hands, but already I'm super psyched on the feedback it's getting after barely a week on sale to the public.

As is becomes available in more markets across the globe we'll start to see more a ton more feedback from users, but until then, let's dive in and see what some early adopters already have to say about the BlackBerry KEYone.

What KEYone Owners Are Saying

Forums user Vegano was one of the first to get hold of a new KEYone, making the jump from a BlackBerry Classic. Outlining plenty of pros and cons, Vegano is a big fan of how fast the hardware is and that the KEYone is an extremely efficient device — but also noting that the keyboard will take some getting used to for those not accustomed to the scrolling features.

04-28-17 04:26 AM

- I upgraded from a Classic - Upgrade was smooth - Keyboard is fine but the keyboard shortcut and conveience key shortcut do not give me two really important options (1) back button - the back button is a touch button and when I would like it lower OR a button shortcut for efficiency and (2) the send button for emails is at the top right of the screen!! - It will take me a while to get...


Baerli Baer is actually a first time BlackBerry user, going all-in with the KEYone. Plenty of points are touched upon by Baerli Baer, noting mostly how beautiful the device itself is, on top of how "snappy" everything is while getting an incredible 9 hours (!!!) of screen-on time.

Baerli Baer
04-28-17 05:48 AM

Here are my initial thoughts on the K1 having had it for about 24 hours. Background : first time blackberry user. Last time I had a PKB was 2009, a nokia. Looks and feel: the device is beautiful. The combination of silver coloured bezel and top part, shiny keyboard, silver bars between rows, textured rubberised back and squared edges on top, all contribute to make thing look hot. This device...


Another fan of the KEYone is paolo73. Making the upgrade from the Priv, paolo73 touts the battery life along with the build quality, going far enough to say that the phone is "far more beautiful in real life than in photos" and has exceptional build quality.

04-28-17 11:54 AM

Battery life seems really really good. Screen is far better than the Priv outdoors You can assign LED colours for email, whatsapp, BBM. You don't seem to be able to for text messages but you can with textra. Swiping up on the keyboard is not as responsive as the passport, especially in the middle of the keyboard. The phone is far more beautiful in real life than in photos. I'm much...


It seems like aesthetics are a running theme when it comes to the KEYone — as they should be. Nahadoth loves the form and function of the KEYone, moving on from a tried & true BlackBerry Passport. I'm sure that getting over an old device is something that we'll all have to deal with when moving to the KEYone (or maybe not for some of you) but it will most definitely be worth the switch.

04-27-17 03:44 PM

Hey guys, just got mine today and all I can say is WOW! Just wanted to post a few quick impressions. 421954 This phone is absolutely gorgeous. I'm coming from the Passport (as you can see in my pics below), and first thing I noticed is that this phone is quite light, maybe I didn't realize how heavy the Passport was but this phone feels amazing in the hand and the rubber back gives a...


Trying to bring some peace of mind to those who are still waiting, E_J_Walker made a CrackBerry promise to those that will soon find themselves with a new KEYone. Waiting sucks — there's no way around it — but hopefully knowing it will all pay off shortly will help ease the anxiety for the next few weeks.

04-27-17 05:58 PM

Loving this piece of kit it is the best BlackBerry and smartphone ever. For those of us lucky enough to get our hands on it today aren't we lucky? For those waiting it will be worth it, stay patient and boy will you have fun, that's a promise.


While many (including yours truly) are still anxiously waiting to get their hands on a BlackBerry KEYone, it's still great to see such positive reviews already coming from the CrackBerry community. One of the great things about the CrackBerry community is that everyone is eager to spread the love, so if you have any questions for newly minted KEYone owners, be sure to swing by the forums and get your fix. For everyone that has yet to get a KEYone — hang in there!

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