BlackBerry KEYone Productivity tab

You need to know about these productivity tips with the BlackBerry KEYone launcher.

The BlackBerry KEYone is built from the ground-up for getting things done. Dig into some of these tips on how to make the most out of the smart software customizations of the BlackBerry KEYone.

The BlackBerry Hub

The beating heart of BlackBerry is the Hub. This is where notifications from a wide range of apps and services can all come to be managed at one place. Custom notifications can be set to fire under specific circumstances, like when the boss shoots you an e-mail. Views can be filtered so you're only looking a single e-mail account, or if you only want to see unread messages. There's a lot to the BlackBerry Hub, so read up!

The Productivity Tab

BlackBerry KEYone productivity tab

Thanks to the Productivity Tab, you can get all of your most important information at a glance from any screen. Just swipe inwards from the edge of the screen next to the slim indicator, and you can see your latest messages, upcoming meetings, your to-do list, and favorite contacts. You have complete control over positioning, so you can put it to either side, or make the tab target bigger or smaller.

Actionable notifications

BlackBerry KEYone notifications

You can dive right into action with shortcuts built into notifications. This way you can answer a text message without having to dive into the Messages app first, or immediately share a screenshot after taking it.

Pop-up widgets

BlackBerry KEYone pop-up widet

Every icon on the home screen with three dots below it can offer a preview without having to open the app. With a simple swipe up or down, you can see a standard Android widget pop up temporarily. This lets you dig into core functions easily without having to clutter your home screen with widgets. You can read more about pop-up widgets over here.


BlackBerry KEYone shortcuts

Being able to interact with apps by way of widgets is handy, but for your most common tasks, this can still involve a lot of repetition. The BlackBerry KEYone offers another class of home screen items called Shortcuts. These dig into an extra level of function for many apps. Instead of just a miniaturized view of your calendar, for example, a Shortcut can immediately launch into creating a new calendar item.

These Shortcuts span contact management, media control, device utilities, and lots more. Not only can Shortcuts be activated by home screen icons, they can be launched by the physical keyboard or Convenience Key, too.

BlackBerry KEYone

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