BlackBerry KEYone keyboard shortcuts

The BlackBerry KEYone has some subtle but incredibly helpful keyboard features that you might not know about.

The keyboard is a defining characteristic of the BlackBerry KEYone, and we want to make sure you're getting the most out of it. Here are a few features you may not have heard about. With any luck, they'll help you be more productive and get around the BlackBerry KEYone more easily.

Swipe right to left to delete your last word

Backslash swipe on the BlackBerry KEYone keyboard

During the tutorial, you'll have already learned that the BlackBerry KEYone keyboard is touch-sensitive. Swiping upwards on the keyboard itself will insert whatever prediction suggestion comes up above on screen. This same touch sensitivity is used for other shortcuts, however. You can swipe from the right to the left anywhere on the keyboard while typing to delete your last word.

You can achieve something similar by pressing and holding the backspace key, deleting whole words doesn't happen until you've deleted a few words first. Use swiping for just deleting the last word or two, but press and hold backspace when you're looking to clear a paragraph or more.

How to find emoji on the BlackBerry KEYone keyboard

BlackBerry KEYone emoji

Emoji support is absolutely vital to modern messaging. You might not spot access to emoji right away on the BlackBerry KEYone keyboard, but they're there.

  1. Press and hold the "0" key.
  2. Tap the smiley icon that pops up at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the emoji you want in your text.

Note that there are tabs along the bottom to jump between subsections of emoji, or you can just swipe left and right to look at other pages of emoji.

The utility bar that pops up also provides handy shortcuts to pasting text that's already copied to the clipboard, and jumping to keyboard settings.

Use the keyboard to scroll

Panning on the BlackBerry KEYone keyboard

The great thing about the BlackBerry KEYone keyboard is that it comes in handy even when you aren't typing. Swiping up and down on the keyboard is an easy way to scroll through a webpage without having the view obscured by your finger. Swiping left and right can get you between home screens. Basically, whenever you need to scroll or navigate, you can use the BlackBerry KEYone keyboard.

Set up shortcuts

From the home screen, the keyboard can be used to launch directly into a wide range of actions. Though launching apps is a big part of this, the BlackBerry KEYone takes this one step further with shortcuts the go one level deeper. For example, it could be starting an e-mail to a specific person, or adding a new event to the calendar. There's a lot to this shortcut system. It's worth reading up on how to set BlackBerry KEYone keyboard shortcuts.

Double-tap to enter cursor mode

Cursor mode on the BlackBerry KEYone

Fine editing of text can be tricky when you're using a finger to move a cursor around. One of the added benefits of having a touch-sensitive keyboard is that it can be used as a kind of trackpad for moving a text cursor around your document. Just double tap the keyboard (without pressing down on the keys) and you'll be able to freely navigate any text field. You can even hold down the Shift key while moving the cursor to select text.

This is helpful for fixing typos, copying text, and other editing. For even greater control, cursor mode also brings up arrow keys at the bottom of the screen which can reposition the cursor one character at a time.

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