BlackBerry smartphones have always played a role in enterprise, and that continues with the BlackBerry KEYone and BlackBerry Motion as both of are now on the list of Android Enterprise Recommended devices. In order to get on the list, Android devices and services must meet requirements which are laid out and validated by Google.

  • Select with confidence - Android Enterprise Recommended simplifies the selection process so you can start your search with a shortlist of approved devices and services. Select from a curated list of verified devices and services that meet elevated enterprise requirements from partners trained and supported by Google.
  • Deploy with consistency - With Android Enterprise Recommended, enjoy consistent deployment, management and user features that make it easier to deploy, scale and support Android. Android Enterprise Recommended helps you cut down on support costs and spend less time deploying and servicing devices.
  • Stay current with updates - Android Enterprise Recommended helps ensure devices are up to date with regular security patches delivered within 90 days, guaranteed for three years. Android Enterprise Recommended devices are also guaranteed to get at least one additional major OS update.

For the enterprise, where technology turnovers can be slow, having devices that are verified to meet enterprise requirements while offering ease of use, as well as long-term support is important. Adding in the security layers and productivity features that BlackBerry smartphones offer, it makes sense that they would be added to the Android Enterprise Recommended list of devices.

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