'BlackBerry KEYone 2' accessories now starting to appear online

Although BlackBerry Mobile has not formally announced a BlackBerry KEYone successor that hasn't stopped some accessory manufacturers from preparing for what they think is next in line. On the Skinomi site and Amazon, there are now multiple listings for skins for what they have called the 'BlackBerry KEYone 2'.

At this point, it's hard to say whether or not it's deserving of attention since there are no device images or much of anything else to go along with the listing aside from a date when the accessories are expected to be available. That date is for 6/15/2018. That's the most interesting highlight here.

It wouldn't be surprising to see an accessory manufacturer accidentally put info online early, but that naming just seems silly and without anything else to go off, it all just looks like they might be trying to get their listings out there early to help sell some preorders. Can't knock their hustle, made me look!

Thanks, Michael!

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