A new BlackBerry Keyboard beta app update is now appearing on the Google Play Store with an arguably larger than normal change log associated with it. For this release, it seems there are several improvements but also; notably, several functions removed as well.

  • The list of words your keyboard learned is cleared when installing this update
  • Improved typing experience in Chinese or Vietnamese
  • See the current language on the space bar if you set up more than one language
  • Access keyboard settings by pressing and holding the settings icon above the keyboard
  • Improved word predictions
  • You can no longer set up a third language for the multi-language keyboard feature
  • The restricted words list is no longer available

Seeing improved word prediction added to the list is sure to please many folks, considering there have been quite a few reports of predictions not working the best. The addition of quick access to the keyboard settings is excellent as well since you have to dig pretty deep to get at them on the fly.

I can't speak to the improvements to Chinese or Vietnamese, but hopefully, they really are improved. The features removed are curious, though, can't say I ever really used the restricted word list so perhaps there's not really a loss there.

Mind the bolded section, if you update, you will wipe out your list of learned words.

Download: BlackBerry Keyboard (free)

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