BlackBerry KEY2 keyboard

A new BlackBerry Keyboard beta update has started to roll out through the Google Play Store that addresses the double typing issue some folks have experienced on BlackBerry smartphones with physical keyboards running Android Oreo. Since it's a targeted release, the changelog was kept simple.

  • Bug fixes. Patch for double letters on pkb.

This is the second time such a bug has appeared. The first time was back on BlackBerry 10 smartphones, and at the time BlackBerry addressed it through a software update that arguably took a bit too long to roll out. However, this time around, with the BlackBerry Keyboard app controlling the keyboard integration, BlackBerry was able to roll out a patch much faster.

Not everyone has experienced the double typing issue, but if you have, you'll want to go ahead and get this update downloaded as soon as you can. Even though it's a beta release, for now, I suspect it won't stay as a beta for too long, and BlackBerry will roll it out quickly to all.

Download the BlackBerry Keyboard app from the Google Play Store

Thanks, Rodney!