Keyboards. We know them, we love them, we use them nearly every single day. It drives me nuts when people talk down about the physical keyboard on a BlackBerry when there is a physical keyboard on tons of other devices they use throughout the day — and most are nowhere near as smart as the BlackBerry KEY2 keyboard. There's really no doubt about it, but the physical keyboard on the KEY2 is awesome.

Sure, glass is great for typing, but a keyboard is made for typing. Trying to pound out an email on a touchscreen is fine, but when you're on the train or in the back of a taxi, there's no better way to do it than with a physical keyboard.

It doesn't stop there though. With the keyboard on the BlackBerry KEY2, you can navigate your way around almost any app just by scrolling your finger over the keyboard. This not only keeps your screen smudge-free, but it keeps your hands off the screen so you can get a full view rather than blocking things out when your scrolling around. The KEY2 keyboard also brings programmable shortcuts and a speed key. You can program nearly any action or app to a button to get straight to it. With the speed key, you can even jump anywhere you want from within any app on your phone.

Oh, and don't forget the fingerprint reader that's built into the space key — now that is truly awesome.