Last year was all about the BlackBerry KEYone, and that got me using and liking a BlackBerry again, but now the BlackBerry KEY2 is here, and you know I had to kick out a vintage CBK style hands-on to show it off, just missing the original green CrackBerry table!

Quickly looking at the BlackBerry KEY2, it's easy to say it looks like a KEYone, but when you really dig into it, there are a lot of meaningful and subtle differences that really add to the experience. The specs have been updated, and KEY2 comes with a Snapdragon 660 while the RAM got bumped to 6GB, and internal storage got bumped to 64GB default.

Aside from the specs, BlackBerry Mobile took a hard look at what really makes a BlackBerry a BlackBerry.. the keyboard! And for the KEY2 they took inspiration from older BlackBerry devices such as the Bold 9900 to get the comfort and feel of the keys on point. On the KEY2, the keys are now 20% larger and more comfortable to type on, and while I never minded the glossy keys from KEYone, some folks did, so the improvements are a huge win in my books. Check out the video for the full rundown of old vs. new!

*Bonus points if you can name every Berry in this hands on!!