Canadians looking to pick the BlackBerry KEY2 LE now have the option of ordering through Blueshop or Staples as both retailers have the latest BlackBerry smartphone listed as in stock. Blueshop appears ready to ship today while if you order from Staples, you'll have to wait until October 9 unless your local Staples has inventory for 2-hour pickup.

Blueshop has the slate color variant available while Staples shows the champagne variant in their listing, but all other details point to it actually being the slate variant. That is to say, I'd probably double check with their customer service before ordering from Staples unless you like surprises or are not concerned about which color you get.

In either case, pricing is the same across the board. Blueshop and Staples both have their pricing set at $599 CAD. Will you be scooping up a new KEY2 LE? Let me know in the comments if you are or swing by the CrackBerry KEY2 LE forums for more discussion!