One of the obvious reasons I keep a style ring on my phone is for a more "sure-handed" grip and to prevent dropping it and causing any major damage. Let's face it — accidents still happen. I haven't been a fan of cases for quite some time, so that means that my BlackBerry will inevitably get scuffed up along the way.

But what about an actual "I can't believe that just happened" drop? It's something we never want to happen but most certainly will encounter at least once. Thankfully, the BlackBerry KEY2 can take a fall like a champ.

We did a quick drop test with a quite exaggerated fall (most times you're phone won't fall nearly this far), and we kept the camera rolling to give you an on-device view, and we can safely say the BlackBerry KEY2 is one heck of a well-built device. Looking for more extreme testing? Check out JerryRigEverything's durability tests right here.

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