Robert Rodriguez' crowdsourced action flick is still a-rolling on the BlackBerry Keep Moving campaign. Though the submission cut-off to participate in the project is long gone, it looks like they're still wading through concepts of faces, guns, and monsters to fill in the various green screen elements in the short film.  You can take a look at the submissions at the Keep Moving page, This latest clip finishes off saying that we'll see the final product "soon", so expect a grand finale in the next couple of weeks.

I've been pretty impressed with the Keep Moving project as a whole. It's got a lot more public participation than a straight-up ad campaign, it tells a story rather than sells a product, and you get a very personal look inside the heads of some pretty high-profile people.

Did any of you guys participate in the Keep Moving project, either with Robert Rodriguez, Alicia Keys, or Neil Gaiman?