The BlackBerry Keep Moving Project is in full swing and writer Neil Gaiman is loving the process so far. Neil has set out to write 12 short stories called Calendar of Tales, thanks to help from fans across the globe and his BlackBerry Z10. Neil spent the last week engaging fans on Twitter and through the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub to gather their thoughts and ideas as inspiration for the stories, each of which is based on a month of the calendar. So far, things are off to a great start.

Neil had this to say about the project thus far:

"I'm loving this process: getting to collaborate with people all over the world on a glorious mad art project is an enormous challenge. I'm really pleased that the people from BlackBerry have made it so easy. I'm using the Z10, and the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub (#KeepMoving) to connect people together and am starting to learn, with delight, that it's working better than I had ever dreamed. Now I just have to write the stories, and then give them back to people who will, in their turn, use them to make even more and better art." 

He is now hard at work on the stories and as he progresses, he will be checking back with fans for artwork and video that will be worked into the narrative as well.

I'll be watching this one close to see how it all turns out - a very cool start to the Keep Moving Project. We'll keep you updated all along the way, but be sure to check out the BlackBerry Keep Moving Hub for more -- and watch Neil's first video (above) if you haven't already.