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"You don't want your favorite PlayBook looking sloppy, right?"

BlackBerry Journal Case

When it comes to selecting a case for my devices you could say that I am overly picky, and generally it is quite hard to satisfy my needs. Over the years of owning various devices my case collection has grown larger than I will admit to anyone, and most of them have only seen use on a device for a few days at best. When I first got my BlackBerry PlayBook the sleeve that was included in the box was good enough for me, but shortly after the fact that changed. After spending some time and looking at all the various options available for purchase there was one case that stood out and it needed to be tested. The BlackBerry Journal case for the BlackBerry PlayBook appeared to be the perfect case for my needs, so obviously it had to be put through the paces to see if it could hold up. So, is it possible that this is the perfect case? Let's hit the break and give this case a full walkthrough.

BlackBerry Journal CAse

Immediately after the case arrived no time could be wasted, the packaging was ripped open and the case was put right onto the device. First impression was that this could be perfection in a case, but there were a few key points of the case that needed to be inspected a bit further, and the first of them being the power button. We all know that the power button has been a hit or miss thing with the PlayBook, some people think it is a bit difficult to press, and others are not bothered by it. Unfortunately my device did suffer from a slightly low power button and my large fingers did have a bit of trouble reaching it, but luckily the case made that easier. The power and volume buttons are covered by a raised rubber piece which makes pressing them easier for me, and that is a huge plus.

BlackBerry Journal Case

Along the bottom of the device the three ports are all cut out, and easily accessible, something that not every case offers. Some cases make the cut outs a bit too small, and hard to get various chargers and cables in and out, but with this case it is very easy, and the cut outs are well done. 

BlackBerry Journal Case

Overall the fit of the case is very snug to the device, though not too tight where it is extremely difficult to get it in and out. The device "clicks" into the case without excessive force, and if you need to remove it all that needs to be done is start at one corner and work your way around the case and it will come right out. The flap that covers the front is a great addition, and provides awesome protection while the device is not in use, but unfortunately when the device is in use it gets in the way a bit.

BlackBerry Journal Case

The flap would be most ideal if it was notched on the inside so that it could be used to prop the device up while watching movies or reading websites, but that is not how this case is built.

BlackBerry Journal Case

The elastic strap is a great convenience , it helps keep the cover held shut when not in use. While traveling I tend to keep the PlayBook in my backpack, and the comfort of knowing the screen is protected  and the cover is held shut is very soothing.

BlackBerry Journal Case

Sure, the case isn't 100 percent perfect for my uses, but this case is far more useful to me than any other at this current time. Small convenience factors aside, this case is great and provides excellent protection and a very classy style. If you want to carry your PlayBook in style, and wrap it in a well made case, be sure to check out the BlackBerry Journal case for the BlackBerry PlayBook from the Shop CrackBerry Store.

BlackBerry Journal Case for the BlackBerry PlayBook
by BlackBerry


  • The Journal case is more than just a pretty solution to a case for the PlayBook. Adding great protection to the screen, and easy access to the ports, this case is sure to please many.


  • Unfortunately the flap that covers the screen can become a bit of a pain at times when it is not in use. There are also no notches like on other flip lid cases that allow it to stand for media consumption or easy web browsing.

The Bottom Line

While it may not be "perfect" this case is definitely one that will remain on the device for a long time. The added style and protection is definitely a plus, and the professional design is one that many will enjoy.  

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