If you didn't catch the #CESlive show with our special guest Alex Kinsella from BlackBerry earlier, now is a good a time as any. Alex stopped by to give us all a first hand look at BBM 2.0 for Android and iOS and walk us through some of the great features that are coming with it.

One of the most notable new features of BlackBerry Messenger 2.0 is Quickshare which lets you share pretty much any kind of file you'd want to a BBM contact including Dropbox files, contact cards, location information through Glymspe integration, and more

Alex also walks through an explanation of BlackBerry Channels. While that's not unfamiliar for BlackBerry users, Channels right now is not yet available to Android and iOS users but is currently in beta and will be out in the next few weeks. Make sure you check out the entire video and for all our CES 2014 coverage, check out our #CESlive page!